• Any woman may become a member — Boulder County resident or not!
  • A member commits to one year — four quarterly events.
  • A member commits to donating $100 at each meeting to the chosen non-profit.
  • Or you can download and print this MEMBERSHIP FORM and email to:
  • Or you can print this MEMBERSHIP FORM and bring to next live event.
Nominating a Non-Profit
  • Members in good standing can nominate a non-profit.
  • "Good standing" means that you have participated in two events and are current with your pledge donations.
  • New members can nominate at their third event.
  • The non-profit must be a 501(c)3 and directly benefit Boulder County residents.
  • Go to the NON-PROFITS tab for more information
Choosing the 3 Non-Profits to Present
  • Members put their vetted nomination into the fishbowl.
  • Three nominations will be drawn at random.
  • Those three nominating members will each make a five minute presentation followed by a five minute “Q & A”. This presentation is without props, handouts, or power's just the member speaking from her heart about this non-profit.
  • After hearing all three presentations, members will vote. Votes are tabulated immediately and the winner is announced!!
  • Members write a check directly to the winning non-profit before leaving!!
  • One hour--Done!!
  • Absent members will receive an email with the winning non-profit information so that they can either donate online or mail their check.