100+ Women Who Care is bringing a lot of good into our
world and making a BIG impact on our local community.

Through our donations and fellowship at our events, 100+ Women Who Care is building something special. This resource page will provide the names and websites of those local charities which were selected by the members to receive our support. All of these local Boulder County charities are AMAZING!   The rule in 100+ Women Who Care is that a previous recipient cannot be nominated again for 2 years to give a chance to other charities. Please use this page as a resource to give money and/or time to these incredible groups. A heartfelt “thanks” to everyone involved in doing the much needed work of our local charitable community.

February 2018 - H O P E

The winning non-profit for February was H O P E and we presented them with a group gift of $11,805.   "H.O.P.E"  Homeless Outreach Providing Encouragement of Longmont.  HOPE is the only shelter in Boulder County which is open 365 days a year, serving meals 365 days a year, while also providing shelter, socks, jackets, hygiene products etc as well as outreach services.  In 2017 they served an incredible 28,281 meals.


November 2017 - Share - A - Gift

The winning non-profit for November was  Share-A-Gift.  The group gift was $10,840. The organization makes sure that any family in Boulder Valley School District that doesn't have the resources to buy toys for their kids has toys and bikes for their kids on Christmas morning.  This group (which is totally run by volunteers--no paid staff at all) has been around for 40+ years making the lives of marginalized kids happier.  Last year the Santa Shop gave out toys and bikes to over 2000 kids!  Share-A-Gift relies mainly on donations of new and gently used boys and bikes, but every year there are big "gaps" where donations don't fill the need for different age groups...every year it seems they need to buy gifts, largely for the older kids up to 14 years of age.


August 2017 - Second Wind Fund

Our winning non-profit from the August 1 meeting was Second Wind Fund.  The group gift was $10,940. They believe that every child and youth at risk of suicide should have access to the mental health treatment they need.  Second Wind Fund has built an innovative program to match children and youth ages 19 and younger, who are at risk of suicide, with a licensed therapist in their local community. Referrals are typically made by school mental health staff (School Counselors, Social Workers or Psychologists) and sometimes by other mental health professionals. Home schooled youth or those no longer attending school are also eligible. If the referred youth is at risk for suicide and does not have adequate insurance or the means to pay for the necessary mental health treatment, the cost of therapy is paid for by Second Wind Fund.


May 2017 - Reverence Movement

The winning non-profit for our May meeting was Reverence Movement. The group gift was $11,300! At Reverence Movement, they work hard to create safe places for women seeking refuge from the streets and provide opportunities for homeless and at-risk women to take steps to reclaim their lives. Through collaborating with partners across Boulder County, Reverence Movement is able to connect women to the resources they need to take steps out of homelessness.


February 2017 - Mother House

At our 2017 kickoff event on February 21st the group selected Mother House as the winning non-profit! We are excited to be supporting this wonderful organization. The group donation was a record $9250! Proudly presenting our group gift was Kari Mitchell and Jen Fox to Coreen Schmidt, Executive Director and Rachel Allnutt, Program Director.  Check out the great work they are doing for at-risk pregnant women and their babies.


November 2016 - Boulder County Care Connects

The winning non-profit for our last event of 2016 was Boulder County Care Connects.  This very worthy organization helps our 55+ community to live and age in dignity and independence.  Through a large volunteer network, they provide medical mobility transportation to doctors and hospital appointments, handicap modifications to homes, assist with shopping, and home &  yard maintenance.  Proudly presenting our group gift of $8,040 is member Karen Pickering to Jim Rianoshek, Executive Director; Chrysti R. Britt, Director of Community Giving and Jan Berg, Board Chair



August 2016 - Paradox Sports

Member Rebecca Boozan with Paradox Sports' Shelley Brook, Operations Manager, Mike Neustedter, Executive Director, and Adam Fisher, Program Director.  100+ Women Who Care's gift of $7,210 will enable Paradox Sports to continue to assist people who have lost limbs due to accident, illness, or war by providing them with adaptive sports equipment, training, and experiences such as climbing, biking,  and rock climbing.


May 2016 - EL PASO Project

Our Q2 winning non-profit is EL PASO. Member Gale Boonstra presents our group donation of $6,475 to Chris Barge, Director of the Community Foundation’s School Readiness Initiative and Margaret Katz, Director of Philanthropic Services for the Community Foundation The mission of The EL PASO Project (Engaged Latino Parents Advancing School Outcomes) is to ensure that Latino children start Kindergarten ready to learn and succeed.


February 2016 - The Maitri Project

Member Jennifer Fox presenting checks totaling $6,560 to Tanina Davanzo, Maitri Sponsored Therapist and Liaison to FOCUS Reentry.

The Maitri Project  collaborates with FOCUS Reentry, working with newly released women who were incarcerated and helps them re-integrate into society and reduces recidivism.


November 2015 - Aaron's Fund

Nominating member Diane DeSalvo-Cunningham presents our Q3 2015 gift totaling $5,600 to Gale Boonstra, founder of Aaron's Fund and whose son is honored by this organization. Aaron’s Fund grew out of a grieving mother’s wish to honor her developmentally disabled son who was senselessly murdered in Boulder in 2014. This fund’s mission is to give developmentally disabled usable vocational skills and also to provide for their safety needs.


August 2015 - Rocky Mountain Honor Flight

Member Mary Deany presenting our Q3 2015 group donation of $5,730 to Daral Williford, Treasurer of Rocky Mountain Honor Flight. Rocky Mountain Honor Flight gifts local veterans of World War II and the Korean War a free two-day trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the nation’s memorials and to honor them for their sacrifice and service.

See this article about vets we sent in September, 2015!


May 2015 - Colie's Closet

Liz Million presents checks totaling $5,350 to Kathy Valentine and Andi Jason of Colie’s Closet. Colie’s Closet is a teen peer organization that trains teens to recognize and educate others about warning signs of depression and suicide.


February 2015 - BraveHoods

Member Diane DeSalvo-Cunningham joyously presenting our group donation of $5,450 to Allison Yacht, Founder of BraveHoods.  Allison’s daughter, Merry, survived childhood cancer and she decided she wanted to help other kids going through chemo and hair loss by giving each child a soft “hoodie” with an inspirational message imprinted on each, so BraveHoods was started.  Allison’s grandma, Peggy Spiro, is a 100+ Women Who Care proud member.

See this great article about our gift to BraveHoods!  


November – 2015 Bridge House

Member Linda Davidson proudly presenting checks totaling $3,000 to xx, Bridge House Director. Bridge House offers programs and services to the homeless and working poor of Boulder County...from shelter, housing, and  meal programs to life skill training and support.


August 2014 - Seniors of Louisville Foundation

Member Deb Fahey presenting our group donation of $3,100 to Julie Stone, Chairperson Louisville Senior Advisory Board. The Louisville Senior Advisory Board assists seniors with gas/electric bill relief as well as emergency assistance.


May 2014 - Camp 4 Change Trac Program

Members Gerri Mansdorfer & Susan Carlson presenting $2,850 to Q2 2014 winner “Camp 4 Change” (Teen Reach Adventure Camp)to Jan Timm, Director of Royal Family Kids, and Sharon Parsons, Director of TRAC. Camp 4  Change provides a camp experience to teen kids who are in foster care in Boulder County.


February 2014 - Attention Homes

Member Rebecca Lorenz and founder Cheryl Craig presenting Brittny Wilson, Development Director of Attention Homes, with Q1 2014 checks totaling $2,850! Attention Homes provides opportunities for at-risk youth to change their lives by offering shelter, meals, and vocational training.


November 2013 - Share A Gift

Member Lisa Wade and Founder Cheryl Craig presenting Q4 2013 donation of $2,625 to Share-A-Gift Treasurer Wally Dague. Share-A-Gift gathers and distributes toys and bikes to deserving families in the Boulder Valley School District...making a happy Christmas possible for families needing assistance.


August 2013 - Imagine! Out & About Program

Member Tara Smith and founder Cheryl Craig presenting Colette Marie, Manager of the Out & About Program, with 100+ Women Who Care’s first group donation of $2,400. Check out this wonderful organization--a community based recreation program for adults and children with developmental disabilities!